RSS delivered to your Kindle

Monday 1st of October 8:20 PM
Vicentiu B.

Q: Do you like RSS feeds?
A: I certainly do.

Q: Do you enjoy reading stuff on your Kindle?
A: Sure.

Q: How about reading RSS feeds on your Kindle? Does that sound good?
I'll let you answer that one, but if the answer's yes, read on.

I created a small utility that scans your favorite RSS feeds and sends updates to your Kindle.
The program supports images and rich text.

Download the latest ZIP here: Releases

How does it work
It scans at regular intervals for new RSS feeds (that you choose), then it uses a SMTP server (of your choice) to send an e-mail with the rich article (as HTML) to your Kindle Amazon address. Your Kindle will be updated in a few seconds after the email is sent.

What do I need
All configuration options are explained on GitHub.

Tip: You can also configure it to receive your RSS feeds to a regular e-mail address, and read them on any device you want.

Vicentiu B.  

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