Quickly creating a complete search with RxJS and Angular

Implementing a search feature often looks simple but can quickly become a tricky endeavour.
Watch this quick intro into how to create a complete search feature, using RxJS and...

Building Performance First Angular Apps - Part 2

If you liked my tips on Angular Performance in HTML templates, this week we can dig in some more tips.
This time, we're looking at how to fine tune the architecture to get th...

Building Performance First Angular Apps

Have you ever said "I'll just check for performance later", or "It's not really fast, but we can fix that later"?

You might not get the time for that. The best apps are buil...

Free Web Learning Resources

I compiled a list of free learning resources for those of you learning HTML, CSS, JavaScript and frameworks. They're tried and tested and they provide results. These are not my contributions, all rights and many thanks go to the authors.

Below are the resources, in two variants: written or video. Time to learn!

A new way to keep aspect ratio

A few days ago I searched CSS Aspect Ratio, in my attempt to keep an embedded video at a certain aspect ratio on page resize.

The first link I found was on W3 Schools. Howe...