JavaScript Episodes: Ep. 1 - The Mystery of the Callback

It was Friday. A colleague of mine came up to my desk and asked me: What is a "callback"?
I made-up something on the spot:
Think about your brother borrowing your car to fill...

Observables for large-scale Angular apps

I've always been interested in best practices and patterns when it comes down to writing code.
Recently, while working with Angular and RxJS's Observables to build a larg...

RSS delivered to your Kindle

Q: Do you like RSS feeds?
A: I certainly do.

Q: Do you enjoy reading stuff on your Kindle?
A: Sure.

Q: How about reading RSS feeds on your Kindle? Does that sound good...

Writing a stock-market application with Electron and Vue.js [Tutorial]

Have you ever wanted to quickly check your stocks? Firing up the browser, typing the URL to your preferred website and closing all the ads can take some time.

In this post, I'...